Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An update on the sad demise of Rose Johnson

As Gretchen has pointed out and posted, the alcohol that Rose Johnson had ingested was spiked with Methanol in a small rice wine facility in Bali. At this point, the owner of the facility and two employees have been arrested. 25 people have died from this travesty.

I post the article here to update you all.

Also, Terry Wolf has posted that the location of Rose's mural at the Jonquil Motel in Bisbee is the place where friends can leave flowers and notes (no candles please) and there is a gathering in the planning stages for some time on Sunday. As well, Kate Drew-Wilkinson's front window facing the main street in Old Bisbee is also being  devoted to the memory of Rose this week. Stop by Kate's gallery for more information.